About Mad


My whole life I’ve been crazy about making things.  I started using hot glue to make doll clothes in grade school and eventually graduated to sewing.  My first attempts (and all that followed for years) were hideous.  I might have been the only girl in my high school with a purse I hot glued together out of fabric scraps.  I eventually got better at sewing and made custom clothing to make money through college.  I soon realized I hated it and demoted my sewing machine to personal use only.  About that time I started focusing more on art and fell in love with the medium of glass.  I spent most of my college years (all 6 of them) playing with plaster, building molds, programming kilns and sweating in the hot shop.  I realized that while I enjoyed making wonky goblets and misshapen bowls what I really loved was carving detailed wax models and casting them in glass.  I grew to love screen printing because of how rewarding it is to draw up an image and them replicate it over and over.  I love art, but what I love most is the thrill of creating.  Creating anything.

I’ve always been an avid collector of hobbies and skills, and have allowed some of them to grow into full-blown obsessions. I love filling my house with utilitarian objects that I’ve made by hand (for better or worse).  As a recent college graduate it’s been my goal to carve out a living by creative means.  Graduating art school hasn’t turned into a tumbling fall into the great abyss as some would have you believe, but it has been challenging.  While I was able to travel and take workshops, do residencies and teach for the first year out of college I found it wasn’t sustaining me.  I’m gradually readjusting to a life where I try to actually save money rather than spending it before its even made.  For these three years I’ve been out of college I’ve worked to create the life I want: a life where I can work from home, make the things I need and find a place in the world for my creative output (other than in boxes in my basement).  It’s been a strange and interesting transition, one that I’m happy to share with this blog.

I recently moved back to my home town and bought a house big enough to hold all of my supplies and tools. I run an online vintage resale business that takes up most of my time and storage space. I live with my boyfriend: a designer and 3D printing instructor with a keen interest in all things technology and design related.  Together we spend our time getting in over our heads on projects and trying to be good pet parents to two ornery grey balls of floof.


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