Winter Sock Surplus

Winter seems to have saved all of its force for the very end! We now have a few inches of snow on the ground in March, which is something I can’t remember ever happening. Luckily I now how 2 new pairs of wool socks to keep me warm while I’m shoveling the last bits of winter from the sidewalk.  I had planned to buy more of the no wool sock yarn but after a trip to the craft store I couldn’t find any colors I liked and came home with a different plan. I made these two pairs using the same pattern as the first but switched to Patons Kroy sock yarn. It’s a bit bulkier, mostly wool and comes in some beautiful colors.

Unfortunately when I finished the second pair of socks today I had an unexpected sock mishap. As I was trying them on and walking around I got the heel of one caught on a screw on the threshold and snagged a hole in it. Now I’m faced with having to darn a pair of handmade socks I just spent a week making. So that should be exciting.



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