Recent Finds

So I recently moved to a bigger city and am still finding all the best yard sale routes. I’ve had a few weeks practice now and am getting pretty good at finding the best sales. This weekend was probably one of the last great yard sale weekends, as the mornings keep getting chillier and chillier. Still I had fantastic luck and like usual met quite a few friendly people.


This weekend was definitely the time for strange little ceramic creatures! The one in yellow intrigued me the most. It took a good bit of internet sleuthing to find out that it was mostly likely a little 50’s Japanese import of a pixie/devil and would have originally held a trident. I was more than a little confused at first, thinking it was a child in a cat costume with real hair on it’s butt and a hole in its hand.

$_57 (10)


This vintage Kodak camera isn’t going to be much use to me but it is absolutely beautiful and in the original box. I bought it with another, newer SLR camera for $5.

This “Souvenir of France” is likely from the first world war. It’s a little postcard with silk embroidered pocket holding a die cut bouquet and a photo of a soldier.