Tiny House Update Week Infinity

Work on the tiny house has been pretty slow as we’re finishing up the interior. Since I last posted we’ve finished up the kitchen counters and started installing the sink and 2 burner gas stove. We built a ladder to access the larger of the two lofts (the smaller one will have a collapsible ladder, as it’ll get used less). The ladder we built attaches to the loft around a metal rod, allowing it to slide to the middle of the floor for use, and back to the side to stay out of the way. We’re in the process of building a couch that folds out to sleep another 2 people. The arms on the side and railing at the back fold down to support the top when it converts to a bed. There will be 2 doors underneath with storage under the couch. We built a small table that attaches to the wall with piano hinges and is held up by a triangular support that is hinged to the wall. Once all the furniture is finished the house should be able to sleep 4 people with features that fold up to make it roomier if just 1 or 2 are staying.

We still need to build a box to go around the hot water heater, run gas to the stove and figure out a solution for electricity. We’re aiming to move it in March and are finishing up what we can before we go. My parents have had land cleared out where they are going to park it once its moved. The land was leveled and gravel laid down. The land is supposed to be getting city water run to it, but we’ll need to find out own solution for waste water disposal. We’d like to install solar, but haven’t started working on it yet. We’ll also be buying a small generator as a back up for the solar, or to tide us over until we can get the solar installed.


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